New Eyecandy

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New Oil Paintings.

I’m so happy that I switched from acrylic to oil. The colors are much richer and I feel like I can go farther and improve my skin textures. I’m learning all by myself, I wish I had someone to give me pointers!

Studio Update


A temporary painting display on the little shelf above my work station. One day the dice collection will be installed there. Four paintings are mine and the others done by friends.

There’s a Story Here


I’ve got a least three stories attached to these two paintings, maybe I’ll tell you someday.

In the meantime I’m trying to find an identical frame, which I found at the fleamarket, for the boy.

Painting Sneak Peek


One of the oil paintings I’ve been working on lately. I can’t wait to unveil!

Painting Peeks

Some sneak peeks at oil paintings I’ve been working on.




inspirtattoo inspirtattoo2
What if I did a painting based on Isaac Soyer’s 1934 A Beauty Shop, but with a modern twist, inspired by this photo of Electric Oni Tattoo in my old home town of Petaluma, California.

My First Painting in Oil


I’ve been working in oils for about 2 years, but I haven’t finished anything until now. I actually have 5 paintings that are started but far from being finished. This one was little. It is part of the decoration in my little tattoo trailer.